Youth Program – Class Descriptions

Caregiver & Me

Ages 2-3

This six week program is designed especially for 2-3 year olds and their caregivers.  Each forty five (45) minute session will include a read aloud story circle followed by dance and movement exploration, providing customized opportunities for families to bond while sharing the joy of dance, somatic based approaches for redirecting behaviors or “expressions” and learning through play!

Creative Movement

Ages 3-5

We offer creative movement classes to some of our youngest students. This class is designed to promote independence and confidence, as well as encourage socialization and creativity in a supportive environment. This class explores the relationship between music and movement while teaching rhythmic and spatial awareness and music appreciation through free expression and play.


Introduction to Ballet/Tap/Jazz (5-7 years); Elementary Ballet (8-11 years); Intermediate/Advanced Ballet (12-18 years).

Creative Soul offers ballet classes based on the Cecchetti method. This method develops essential qualities, such as strength and balance, and focuses careful attention on the anatomy of the dancer. As students advance through our ballet program, they will build a foundational understanding of ballet terminology, technique, and history. Our progression of ballet classes are specifically tailored to the age, ability, and physical development of the students.


Ages *** (Faculty Approval)

We offer pointe classes for students who are concurrently enrolled in our intermediate/advanced ballet program. This class focuses on strengthening the feet and ankles and proper alignment. Students must demonstrate maturity and commitment in order to enroll in pointe class. For health and safety reasons, students should not work in pointe shoes until they have been assessed by the faculty to determine readiness.


Introduction to Modern/Improvisation (5-7 years); Elementary Modern (8-11 years); Intermediate/Advanced Modern (12-18 years).

This class covers modern dance’s history, philosophy, and foundational principles. Students will explore such ideas as spiral, contraction, suspension, and release through floorwork, center exercises, and across the floor progressions. The intermediate and advanced levels students will focus on the techniques of Jose Limon and Lester Horton.

Hip Hop

Introduction to Hip Hop (5-7 years); Elementary Hip Hop (8-11 years); Intermediate/Advanced Hip Hop (12-18 years).

This class provides a historical and cultural overview of hip hop’s emergence from New York City in the 1970s to today’s mainstream culture. We will explore rhythm and freestyling, fostering freedom of expression. Through styles including breakdancing, poppin’, krumpin’, and house, you will develop your unique style and interpretation of hip hop music.


Introduction to Ballet/Tap/Jazz (5-7 years); Elementary Jazz (8-11 years); Intermediate/Advanced Jazz (12-18 years).

This class examines the rich history of jazz dance with roots in West African dance through its development of a codified technique and concert dance form. Students will explore vernacular, social, theatrical, and contemporary styles of jazz dance today. With a strong emphasis on improvisation and musicality, students will develop their unique expression and approach to jazz dance. Through technical progressions and combinations, students will improve upon proper alignment, body articulation, rhythm, and coordination.


Introduction to Ballet/Tap/Jazz (5-7 years); Elementary Tap (8-11 years); Intermediate/Advanced Tap (12-18 years).

We offer Tap classes to students interested in understanding the origins and history of tap dance. Using rhythmic training exercises and technique, students learn the fundamentals of tap dance while using percussion instruments to enhance their rhythmic ability. This creates a deeper appreciation and connection of dance to music in a fun and inclusive environment. Creative Soul offers a wide range of tap classes from beginning to advanced levels.

Improvisation & Composition

Ages 12+

In this class, students will be able to illustrate how the knowledge of self, others, and the world around them inspire and inform their artistic work. Students will understand choreographic processes, structures, and compositional forms and apply that knowledge in choreography. We will identify somatic movement principles and explore Laban Movement Analysis in terms of Space, Time, and Energy. Students will work individually and collaboratively to create choreography and refine their artistic expression.