Our Philosophy

We believe in drawing valuable attention to pedagogy in the classroom. Our primary goal is to educate individuals by presenting material in an inclusive and holistic way, so students can connect with a deeper part of themselves, their peers, and their communities. Our secondary goal is to inspire the next generation of artists to find their inner voice and the courage to express themselves authentically through creating and showcasing original work. We believe the arts have the ability to awaken individuals. We support and encourage students in their discovery of their passion and purpose through mindful practice. We place a strong emphasis on community engagement by establishing and strengthening community partnerships.

We Believe

We believe personal expression through dance allows students to discover, not only who they are, but more importantly, who they want to become.

We believe in compassion over comparison and joy over judgment.

We believe honing our craft means exploring our artistry and creativity by getting students to move or think in a way that they didn’t know was possible and create something that didn’t exist before and is uniquely them.

We believe in striving for excellence not perfection.

We believe the things we are most passionate about drive our soul’s purpose.

We believe without risk, there is no personal growth.

We believe in the balance between creative process and product.

We believe in empowering students through developing a positive self-image and self-esteem.

We believe in mindful practice.

We believe the true power of dance education is creating kind, compassionate, open-minded students who are wide awake.