A Holistic Approach


We cater to the community’s needs through diverse, inclusive, and accessible educational programming in the performing arts and wellness. Creative Soul is committed to holding itself to the highest standards in arts education. We align with the Massachusetts Curriculum Framework for Arts adopted by the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, as well as the National Core Arts Standards, offering opportunities to engage through movement and music across your lifespan, leading to an increase in quality of life and a greater sense of well-being. Additionally, our faculty have years of experience as educators, mentors, and professional dancers.

Creative Soul recognizes the need for balance in the private sector. Curriculum, too often, lacks historical and cultural awareness. In contrast, our students will participate in, view, and discuss dance across multiple genres and cultures within a historical context. In addition, students will be immersed in master classes, workshops, performances, and lectures, offering a holistic educational experience.

Traditionally, curriculum and lesson planning in the private sector are focused entirely on skill acquisition. Creative Soul believes technique is essential in dance training. However, imagination, creativity, curiosity, empathy, originality, and risk are equally important. Dance is all-encompassing. It is meaningful because it nourishes every aspect of our being, physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. It allows us the freedom to express ourselves through movement in the most honest and vulnerable way. It is our belief that we are never more alive than when we are dancing. When a dancer is thoughtfully engaged in the creative process, and dance is expressed artistically rather than competitively, a genuinely transformative experience occurs.

Creative Soul believes preparing students for a life outside the studio is central to the dance educational framework. Collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking make up the highly valued 21st century skills. These competencies will all be addressed through curriculum, lesson planning, and assessment.